Psychiatry Is Still Stuck in Freud’s Era. Big Data Can Revolutionize How We Care for Patients

I have a problem. I am a psychiatrist in the 21st century and yet I still evaluate patients the way Freud did a century ago: I sit with a patient and, by carefully observing how and what they say, I expect them to tell me what’s wrong.

The problem isn’t that I speak with and listen to my patients. Every doctor of every speciality does that. Rather, my problem is that I never m…

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U.S. Life Expectancy Declined Nearly a Year in 2021

Americans’ life expectancy continued to slide in 2021. According to provisional data from the National Center for Health Statistics released on Aug. 31, life expectancy dropped by 0.9 years in 2021, leading to a total decrease of about 2.7 years between 2019 and 2021—the largest two-year decline in a century.

Once again, COVID-19 was the primary reason Americans died younger, …

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