Taylor Lautner Shares Insight Into 2009 Breakup With Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner Reacts to Being Taylor Swift's 'Best Ex'

You don't need to go back to December to get the details on these former lovers. 

For Swifties, Taylor Lautner is widely considered to be Taylor Swift's best ex, with the two maintaining a friendship in the 14 years since they split. Now, the Twilight star is revealing how he thinks they have stayed on such good terms. 

"Obviously every relationship is different," he told Call Her Daddy's Alex Cooper during the Dec. 13 podcast episodeคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. "I think when you respect somebody for who they are in their soul, it allows you to move on, forgive, and continue that love in a different way. And thankfully we had that. So after things ended between us—we were so young, I was 18 she was 20, 21—we stayed friendly, we would see each other now and then."

And though Lautner admitted the fell out of touch for a period, their solid foundation made this year's reconciliation—during which he starred in the Grammy winner's "I Can See You" music video—an easy one.

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"I have always had the deepest respect for who she is as a person, before anything else," he explained. "I would say one of the greater things to happen in my life over the last year is the rekindling of our friendship, because she just is a wonderful human. She's pretty great to have in your life."

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But when asked whether it was the Midnights artist, who is currently dating Travis Kelce, who ended things back in 2009, the Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl star seemed a little hazy on the details, before admitting it was definitely Swift's call.

"Yes, absolutely," he finally confirmed with a laugh. "I'm thinking back on exactly what happened but no, yeah. She did." 

And while exes hanging out could be awkward for someone's current partner, that isn't the case for Lautner's wife, Taylor Dome, who tied the knot with the actor in 2022. 


"It's honestly all her, she just makes it so easy," Dome, who joined her husband on the Call Her Daddy episode, noted of working and hanging with Swift. "Before we'd even gone to film the music video, the first text she sent him when she was pitching the idea, she included me in it. And she is so inclusive of me in everything, which is so kind of her. But she's just kind, and she's very thoughtful. She makes it very easy."

In fact, Lautner was never concerned about how the two Taylors in his life would get along. After all, Dome is a certified Swiftie.

"I know on paper, it sounds like a tough situation, but I not once was ever worried about it," he said during a July episode of his and his wife's The Squeeze podcast. "We're just confident in our relationship. [My wife] is the coolest, chillest person ever. She also is a diehard fan of that person."

And to relive the Abduction star's journey to the aisle, keep reading. 

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