Your Mission- Enjoy These 61 Facts About Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Talks THAT Mission Impossible Motorcycle Stunt

So, Tom Cruise is 61 now—and he continues to be doing something right.

The reassuringly youthful actor is, once again, celebrating his birthday while on a press tour for a long-awaited action epic that entailed performing his own death-defying stunts and leaving his co-stars marveling over his work ethic, graciousness and charm, his set-commanding skills still second to none.

"There is no one else like him," Simon Pegg told E! News while talking up their latest outing, Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One, in theaters July 12. "He is the last movie star—of the old kind, you know."

No offense to the Chalamets of the world, but…we know.

Making it no secret that he does it all for you—for us, the audience!—Cruise approached the release of Top Gun: Maverick last year as if the fate of movies themselves was hanging in the balance. Which, coming out of the pandemic, it kinda was.

photosTom Cruise Through The Years

And right on schedule (minus the years lost to COVID-related delays) Cruise is back at it with the first half of Dead Reckoning, the seventh of what will be at least eight movies in the Mission: Impossible franchise, which kicked off in 1996 back when the star being lowered into a room on a wire was considered a mind-blowing action sequence.

Now, he calls riding a motorcycle off a cliff (at the beginning of the shoot, just in case, um… the end result necessitated a rewrite) his "happy place."

"It's full-on," he told E! News' Keltie Knight at the Rome premiere of Dead Reckoning Part One. "My life's an adventure, I've always wanted that since I was a little kid." And, though he looks extremely-rested, he quipped that he tries not to sleep.

Because that would be a break in the action, now wouldn't it? 

Read on for more tirelessly fascinating facts about birthday boy Tom Cruise:

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